Improve Patient Care

The proven accuracy and reliability of Masimo SET pulse oximetry allows better clinical decision-making, leading to improved patient care.

Masimo SET Technology vs. Other "Next Generation" Pulse Oximetry

  • Masimo SET oximeters detect approximately 10 times more true events than any "Next Generation" pulse oximeter.1,2
  • Masimo SET oximeters have one-tenth the false hypoxemia alarms of "Next Generation" pulse oximeters.1,2,3,4
  • Accurate tracking of the patient's true physiology improves outcomes.

A Life Saved with the use of a SET Pulse Oximeter Technology

A dyspneic child with left heart hypoplasia was profoundly pale with circumoral cyanosis as his clinical status worsened...

During ongoing resuscitative efforts, several conventional pulse oximeters failed to read. A Masimo SET pulse oximeter displayed true saturation and pulse rates that correlated with the ECG during the next two hours of resuscitation and stabilization...

The child was placed on mechanical ventilation and stabilized...
Eight days later he received a cardiac transplant and is healthy today.

"Were it not for the steady rise in SpO2 values, the resuscitative efforts for this baby would have been aborted. This newborn's life was likely saved by Masimo SET pulse oximetry."

Mitchell R.Goldstein,MD,FAAP,Neonatal Intensive Care,Vol.12 No.1,Jan/Feb 1998

Case Studies:

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